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About our Diving

Our dive centre has multiple SSI Instructors and Divemasters that, collectively, have over 50 years (yes, you read that right!) experience diving around the Shangri La area and so know the reef here like the back of their hand! They’re here to ensure you have the most enjoyable and comfortable experience before, during and after your dive. Reef Safari is truly the height of pampering; we’ll set up your equipment for you, rinse it at the end of the dive and, should you have your own gear, store it at the dive shop for your stay here. All you need to do is show up 10 minutes before the dive is scheduled to depart and jump on the boat.
Our scheduled dives depart daily at 9am, 11am & 2pm. All of our dives are boat dives as we will head out to one of the 12 beautiful dive sites all within a 10-minute boat ride. The topography of the reef ranges from expansive coral plateaus to sheer walls. The hard-coral reefs surrounding us are home to thousands of tropical reef fish and there are plenty of cracks and crevices to see what’s hiding. We often see larger animals such as turtles, stingrays, eagle rays, moray eels, tuna and sharks. Additionally, for those who prefer the smaller stuff, we can find nudibranchs, shrimp and witness all the great symbiotic relationships that create the magical underwater environment.
The water conditions are generally nothing short of ideal. An average visibility of 20m+ and the water temperature sitting anywhere between 24-29 degrees Celsius make for very easy and comfortable diving.
If that doesn’t whet your appetite enough then hopefully our famous shark dive will. Running three times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The dive attracts on minimum 30 black tip and white tip reef sharks along with a multitude of red bass, tropical reef fish and a resident moray eel.
We have another site which also frequently has sharks and eagle rays visiting called Nabaibai Passage. This dive site you must be advanced as the majority of the dive is spent at 20m and has two caves. Within the caves we get tawny nurse sharks and occasionally hawksbill or green turtles. Outside the cave we can also see eagle rays, white tip reef sharks and grey reef sharks. The dive site is a bit more conditions dependent, but definitely worth it if you want something a bit different and AOW or higher!

Introductory Diving

If you aren’t certified and you would like to try diving then come and see us. We start with a complimentary Pool Splash where we Scuba in the pool. If you love the pool then you are welcome to book a ‘Intro’ Dive. It’s a 40-minute dive, where you and a Dive Instructor will go explore our beautiful Golden Reef. After the reef dive, if you’re feeling adventurous then you can upgrade to our famous Shark Dive package.
Spaces are limited for this dive so be sure to book ahead.

Get Certified!

If you are 10 yrs or older you have the opportunity to do your Open Water Dive course with us. This is a 3 to 4-day course and includes 4 ocean dives which we could incorporate our popular Shark Dive to conclude the course. Throughout the course we will reach depths up to 18m (60ft) and you will learn skills and the setup of scuba equipment as well as fun dive and discover the reef and its hidden treasures! This dive certification never expires and at the end of this course you can dive all over the world with other certified divers.

Specialty Diver Courses

Already a qualified diver, but want to improve your skills? We offer Specialty and Advanced Adventure Courses. Teaching new and exciting skills within Deep Diving (increased depth to 30m / 98ft), Nitrox, DPV, Navigation, Perfect Buoyancy, Shark Diving and more…
Contact our dive shop so we can make a tailor-made program for you.

We look forward to diving with you!

Snorkel Safaris

We love snorkelling! It’s the easiest and cheapest way to view coral reefs, we provide all the equipment, including life jackets if you want float and relax. Our tours are guided and we take all ages and abilities. One of the great things about snorkelling is that we can talk to you while we snorkel. We are passionate about helping you experience and understand the complex, beautiful and diverse world of a coral reef. Our tours depart daily and move with our high tides so come and see us at our dive shop or give us a call on the house phone and we can provide you with the upcoming tour times.

Sea Scooter Safari

Imagine the ‘James Bond’ of snorkelling! These devices are hand held motorised bullets that pull you through the water, which is great if you are seeking a little more adventure as this is a private tour.
Children aged 6+ can enjoy a fun experience with one of our sea scooters off the beach where we will find Nemo and all his friends
Anybody who is 8 yrs and older, you have the option of a boat drop onto our coral wall. This tour will have you discovering our different underwater landscapes and all its residents, we may even find our beautiful rays and turtles who feed and live on the outer wall!
We offer free trials for our Sea Scooters Daily, come and see us at our dive shop to find out more!

Sunset Cruise

Want to see a beautiful Fijian sunset from the sea? Our Sunset tour is a one hour tour departing daily and it is BYO! So, bring whatever keeps you comfortable whilst you watch the sunset. We provide a guide who will share stories of Yanuca Island and its surrounding villages. This boat tour will have you cruise around the coast and onto the reef wall where there is a chance to spot some turtles coming up for air so keep your eyes peeled. The sunsets where the island meets the sea, and our wonderful guide is there to get all the photos for you so make sure you bring your cameras!

“Seriously the best dive team you’ll get. Millie looks after you as soon as you arrive and Johnny (shark man) will take you on the dive of your life. The team has been working together for years … our third time back in Fiji and all the crew are still there and still doing a fantastic job. Safe hands.”

“Great trip out. We used the scooter scuba’s & Ana was a great guide, very knowledgeable & showed us some really cool stuff. Great to have a professional dive team here! Thanks for introducing us to these amazing things!”

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