Enjoy diving for the first time – the easy way!

See the reef the best way – up close and personal – by diving right in. No experience necessary!

We specialise in introducing first timers to the wonders of the underwater world – even if they’re nervous. The dive can be hand-held if you prefer – or offer you the freedom to swim alongside the group if you’re feeling more adventurous. The depth will vary from 1 metre to 6 metres, depending on your comfort level.

The Heart Pontoon at Hardy Reef has been designed with first-time divers in mind, with a swimming pool-like area to start the dive. Here you can stand up in waist-deep water and get used to breathing underwater before embarking on your reef adventure! Ages 12+, medical conditions apply.


Introductory Dive (Per person) $169*
Repeat Introductory Dive (per person) $79*

You will be required to complete a medical declaration on the boat before you dive. To see a copy please click on the button below. If you think you will tick yes to any of the medical questions you may wish to get a medical certificate from your doctor stating you are fit to dive as to avoid disappointment of being turn away on the day. Please bring the medical certificate with you on the day you want to dive.