A terrific dive for new and experienced divers alike!

Luxury treatment is what you’ll get aboard Seaflight and at the Heart Pontoon. On the journey out you will be introduced to your Dive Guide who will discuss your diving needs with you. If you have recently completed your course or haven’t dived for a long time, we have a ‘moon pool’ set underneath the pontoon where your Dive Guide will give you a tailored refresher and begin your dive with an easy entry. If you are more experienced, we offer a drift dive along the reef wall (sea conditions permitting). Our focus as a company is always on nice slow dives with lots of interpretation of marine life. We think even the most knowledgeable diver will learn something.

Hardy Reef is a Mature Platform Reef, is around 10,000 – 18,000 years old and is abundant with marine life. Your Dive Guide will be able to show you the best parts of the reef. Expect to find anything from Giant Trevallies schooling underneath the pontoon, or with your guide’s expert eye spotting the smaller treasures such as nudibranchs and flatworms, and maybe a turtle or two! We have a Giant Queensland Grouper living under our pontoon and not forgetting everyone’s favourite – the resident Maori Wrasse. Hardy Reef drops all the way down to 70m, but you will find yourself diving between relaxing depths of 10m to 16m, as this is where we can find the best marine life. You will have time to do two dives and if you are out for a day trip with your family , you will still have time to snorkel and experience the reef with them.

Groups sizes normally vary from 2 to 4 people.

All equipment is provided, set up and ready to go.


Certified Dive (Per person) $129
Repeat Dive (per person) $79

You will be required to complete a medical declaration on the boat before you dive. To see a copy please click on the button below. If you think you will tick yes to any of the medical questions you may wish to get a medical certificate from your doctor stating you are fit to dive as to avoid disappointment of being turn away on the day. Please bring the medical certificate with you on the day you want to dive.