Our Dive Traineeship is the perfect way to start living your dream!

Dive over 100 times on the Great Barrier Reef, no experience necessary, working alongside professionals and all equipment provided.

The traineeship is designed for you to gain most of your knowledge and expertise through experience.

You will train and work on our vessels for a number of days in return for your certifications, training dives and industry experience. No wages are awarded in this program.

The length of the traineeship will depend on your level of certification when you start the course, it can be up to 80 days with no certifications. Most trainees will leave the course with around 75-100 dives in their log book. You will be diving 1-4 times most days on the Great Barrier Reef.

We are always looking for good candidates to complete the traineeship and if you are accepted on the course, you will be booked onto one of our monthly induction days which are usually in the first week of every month.

As a trainee with Reef Safari, all your certifications will be through SSI (Scuba Schools International). SSI is internationally recognised, is ISO certified and a member of the World Recreational Scuba Training Council. 

Reef Safari will pay for the following courses throughout your traineeship:

  • SSI Open Water Diver
  • SSI Stress and Rescue Diver
  • SSI React Right
  • SSI Advanced Adventurer
  • SSI Dive Guide
  • SSI Specialty – Science of Diving
  • SSI Dive Master

If you complete your traineeship to a high standard, the next step is the ITC (Instructor Training Course). We offer the ITC to all successful trainees who wish to invest further in their career. While we cannot guarantee a job, we often employ our graduates for a period of time during our peak season. 

Many of our home grown instructors have been employed permanently either in Australia or Fiji.

  • Able to support yourself financially for the duration of the course. This is usually 3 months of training and up to 4 months with days off.  
  • Pass a QLD dive medical AS-2299 for dive professionals. (Approx. $198)
  • Valid Australian work visa.
  • Responsible for your personal insurance to cover you in diving.
  • You will need to purchase deck shoes and a waterproof watch.
  • Provide a uniform deposit.
  • Be prepared for long days filled with fun and adventure!
  • All your course fees are paid and study materials provided.
  • Extensive experience in the industry with approximately 100 logged dives.
  • All dive equipment is provided.  You are encouraged to purchase a basic dive equipment package at a wholesale price (mask, snorkel, fins and wetsuit).  
  • Meals and snacks are NOT included.
  • Accommodation is NOT included. 

You will need to have an insurance policy to cover you for while you are diving. If you already have travel insurance then check that it covers you for personal injury whilst diving. If not, then please ensure that you take out an insurance policy. We recommend DAN World. You can access them from the link below.


Join DAN World Today

Please email info@reefsafari.com and attach the following:

  • Resume
  • Existing dive certifications
  • Copy of visa with expiry date. Can be emailed directly using MyVevo app.
  • Photo ID (if Australian) eg Australian Drivers Licence
  • Copy of travel insurance which covers you for diving or DAN Asia Pacific Diving Insurance
  • Completed application form

A Day in the Life of a Trainee