Excited to share the underwater world with you.

Excited to share the underwater world with you.


Welcome to Reef Safari

Reef Safari Diving is based in Airlie Beach in the Whitsundays region and provides diving and photography services for Cruise Whitsundays, one of the largest companies who offer day trips to the Great Barrier Reef.

Reef Safari is a dive training facility, we train and certify around 30 SSI Divemasters a year – making dreams come true! If you would like to be involved visit the Careers page.

At Reef Safari we believe it’s not only where you take people diving, but how. We love nothing better than sharing underwater wonders with divers of all abilities. From people who have never dived before through to divers with hundreds of dives in their log-books, we always tailor the dive to you and we never get tired of diving the Great Barrier Reef every day.

For those who can’t dive or want to learn about what they are seeing on the reef our team love sharing their passion and knowledge of the reef with you by taking you on a snorkel safari.


Scuba diving is an amazing career which can take you to the most beautiful places on the planet. Reef Safari offers a traineeship that gets you started in the industry whilst giving you a life experience you will never forget.


As well as being SCUBA diving instructors and aquatic adventurers of note, our Reef Safari team are also underwater and professional photographers who work tirelessly to capture your amazing memories of the reef and your time at the Whitsundays.

I went on an introductory dive at the Barrier Reef, it was one of the best experiences of my life and something I won’t forget. I have to give special praise to Ellie who took me down on the dive, she was fantastic and pointed out loads of sea life. I highly recommend this experience to anyone.


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Dive over 150 times on the Great Barrier Reef, no experience necessary, working alongside professionals and all equipment provided.

Our Dive Traineeship is the perfect way to start living your dream today.